A Yacht Is Born

A Yacht Is Born


It starts in the part of you that longs for the freedom that becomes impossible to ignore. A longing that keeps drawing you to those wild, unexplored places. 

We understand the pursuit of freedom—the allure of the open seas. At Knysna Yacht Company, we create one-of-a-kind, world-class multihulls for our customers to explore and live on their terms.

We understand because before we’re detail-obsessed yacht builders, we’re explorers at heart.




The freedom to explore the world and live aboard your very own vessel is a dream for many. 

When you first start researching yachts, you'll find boats that suit varying experience levels, locations, lifestyles, uses and affordability. 

You’ll find most yachts are standard production models with very little to no room for customisation. The layout and interior of an off-the-shelf production yacht are standard. And it costs a lot more to customise if you want something changed to better suit your tastes or needs.




Then there are semi-custom yachts. Which give you more opportunities to add your personal touch. With KYC, we build your boat to match your unique style and tastes.


Watch: KYC Boat Builders On Why Customisation Is So Important To Their Customers & Them



Semi-custom yachts use a standard hull. But when it comes to the interior layout, appliances, cabinets, trims and finishes, and other details, they’re all up to you. Planning and designing a semi-custom yacht is like building your home away from home. Except this home is on the ocean. 

But building a yacht is a long and complex process. You need the services of an experienced and knowledgeable boat builder.

Knysna Yacht Company is a boutique yacht-building company based in the picturesque coastal town of Knysna along South Africa's world-famous Garden Route. We craft beautiful, artisan-made semi-custom yachts for our clients around the globe.

Having your yacht designed and built by a professional, acclaimed yacht builder like KYC, you’ll sail off in a unique boat built to the highest standards. 

We work closely with our clients to accommodate their preferences and encourage them to visit us during the manufacturing process.

We’ll build your yacht at our world-class shipyard in Knysna, a historic coastal town on South Africa’s lush Garden Route. It will be meticulously constructed in a safe, controlled environment by our team of highly-skilled, experienced craftsmen.




The Knysna 550 is the epitome of style, luxury and performance in one elegant package, fully equipped as a complete liveaboard with top-end finishes and luxurious trims.

We only use top-quality materials crafted with superior craft, exceptional skill and the utmost attention to detail.

Whether you’re relaxing, entertaining, or planning your following route, the spacious saloon and galley will be the backdrop for the best memories of your life.

The saloon features a sliding door that opens fully, opening up the entire space from the cockpit to the galley. The area is fitted with top-end appliances and finishes, offering comfort and convenience in a stylish, practical living space.

The living area can host lazy lunches, sundown cocktails, gourmet dinners, or lounge and enjoy your state-of-the-art entertainment system - it’s an elegant home on the high seas with everything you need.



  • Spacious counter for entertaining guests in saloon or cockpit area
  • Generous storage compartments
  • 200 L Isotherm combo fridge freezer
  • 90 L Isotherm deep-freezer
  • Brushed stainless steel AEG Eurogas oven and 4-plate gas hob
  • Mirror-finish 32-litre microwave
  • Hot and cold freshwater
  • Double bowl sink
  • Laminate or vinyl flooring
  • Your choice of either light maple or pear Formica internal joinery and finishes
  • Customisation based on extensive client consultation

Download the full Knysna Yacht Company Spec Sheet 550 here.


  • Saloon dining table
  • Upholstered seat surrounding large seating dining area for 6 to 8 people
  • Navigation desk
  • Barka Table Pedestals (Manual) to convert saloon table to daybed
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Stereo entertainment system
  • Bar counter
  • LED lighting
  • Ocean Air blinds
  • Custom upholstery finishes for all seating areas
  • A custom selection of fabrics, textures, trims and coverings
  • Upholstered Mattress to saloon daybed
  • Upholstered bar stools for saloon area 
  • Upholstered roof panels
  • Laminate/vinyl flooring
  • Saloon



Optional Fixed flybridge with Helm Station

A sleek and modern 55-foot bluewater sailing catamaran, the Knysna 550 can accommodate an optional flybridge. It’s the best seat to the grandest show of your life. It allows unparalleled vistas and unobstructed views of the fore, aft and sides of your cat. 

The flybridge also features a second dining table and entertainment area with luxuriously upholstered seating. This area is perfect for enjoying outdoor meals with 360-degree views of your surroundings.

Flybridge Features:

  • Burmese teak table
  • Upholstered seating and backrests
  • Underseat lockers
  • A standard 2-person helm seat
  • Bar fridge
  • Roll-down weather blinds
  • Fixed full-size bimini hardtop
  • Small prep bowl with cold water supply
  • Synthetic teak decking on flybridge floor


The Knysna 550’s flybridge includes an electric roller furling headsail, as well as an in-boom furled mainsail, with all lines leading to the flybridge helm’s position.

Should you select this option, the yacht’s helm station is on the flybridge with steps leading up from the cockpit.

The cockpit features:

  • A Burmese teak table
  • Upholstered seating and backrests
  • Underseat lockers
  • Integrated coach roof with two sliding hatches
  • An icemaker
  • A Weber Gas BBQ Q2200 mounted on the stainless steel railing
  • Synthetic teak decking under coach roof*
  • Stainless steel bait board with Corian top
  • Four wooden folding chairs for the cockpit dining area with Knysna Yacht Company logo
  • Roll-down weather blinds

The Knysna 550 performance offers complete peace of mind for all aboard. It’s safe, stable, agile in the water, and a breeze to operate. 


KYC’s Exclusive Hand Over & Maiden Voyage Customer Support Experience


With KYC, you are a pivotal part of your yacht's design and construction process from the start. 

Throughout the construction and design of your vessel, our team of expert boat builders regularly consult and communicate with you to get your input. Your particular tastes and preferences are infused in every aspect of your boat's construction. 

Take a closer look at the semi-custom yacht building process here


What To Consider When It Comes To Semi-Custom Yacht Design

Before you can build your dream custom yacht, you need a design. Yacht design is a crucial step in the boat building process. You’ll want to start by considering what your practical needs are. It’s a matter of finding a balance between function and enjoyment to ensure that you have the best possible experience on board. 


Watch: Why KYC Boat Builders Are Passionate About Building Boutique Custom Yachts



How, when and where do you want to cruise or sail your semi-custom yacht?


Do you want to hop around the Mediterranean from port to port, cruise the Caribbean, or cross oceans to explore distant coastlines? You must consider how long you will sail for - whether it’s simply day trips, overnight, or a few weeks at a time.

Time at sea will also impact how much storage space you need. If you plan on spending significant amounts of time sailing to remote destinations, you’ll need to stock up on supplies. 

Then there are the everyday considerations. How many guests you entertain will depend on how many beds your boat should have. If you’re sailing through the tropics, you’ll regret not considering air-conditioning!

You want a semi-custom yacht design that accommodates an internal layout that can meet all of your needs. Part of the beauty of choosing a semi-custom vessel is that you get to choose the interior design, trims and finishes according to your tastes.

We put together a list of essential points to consider when planning the semi-custom yacht of your dreams. Read it here!

Play a central role in your yacht’s customisation and create a semi-custom yacht that feels like home. 



We can also offer outfit the 55-foot Knysna 550 catamaran yacht as a powered cruising catamaran.

Our passion, extensive experience and expertise allow you to create a fully customised yacht interior, creatively using every inch of space to suit your taste and needs.





We understand the importance of comfort, style and quality. The master cabin offers a captain’s desk, vanity area and ample storage space. 

Large windows invite natural light and breathtaking views of the ocean. 

Choose between plush carpeting or marine floorboards and select the trims and finishes that make the master suite your unique haven on the water. 

You will have the option of using one complete hull as a master suite, while two spacious double en-suite guest cabins ensure friends and family spend their stay in comfort. 

Alternatively, you can opt for four double en-suite cabins of equal size or add a 5th crew cabin. When the ocean becomes your playground, your cabin will be a retreat from the occasional bustle of onboard life. 



 - Captain’s desk with power points for laptop and navigational gear

 - Ladies’ vanity area with seat, mirror and power points

 - Air conditioning

 - Flat-screen television

 - Open-ended double berth with downlights and reading lights

 - Foam mattress and headboard

 - Spacious, private head

 - Large shower area

 - Dressing area with shelving and hanging cupboards

 - Electric fan (optional)

 - Stereo sound (optional)

 - Courtesy LED strip lighting in certain areas



Another advantage of choosing a boutique boat builder like KYC is the amount of say you have in the layout of your custom yacht.

You may be looking for the perfect yacht to relax with clients a few times a year or planning to retire on the water. Whatever your onboard-living requirements, the Knysna 550 is customisable to become your ideal home on the water – and the choice of layout is yours.



The 3-cabin layout uses the port hull for the spacious and elegant master suite. Your guests will be in the lap of luxury and comfort in the starboard hull with two comfortable double en-suite cabins.



The 4-cabin layout allows for four double en-suite cabins, two to each hull. The cabins feature high-quality trims and finishes and comfortable, open-ended double berths with reading lights and air conditioning.



 - Open-ended double berth with reading light

 - Foam mattress and headboard

 - Air conditioning

 - Dressing area with shelving and full-length hanging cupboards

 - Mirror and power points

 - Optional electric fan



The 5-cabin layout offers four double en-suite cabins of equal size featuring open-ended double berths with reading lights and air conditioning. And a 5th cabin can the crew, with a dedicated head.



The equipment room offers easy access to essential equipment and components for servicing. Plus, safe stowage space for your safety box and other personal equipment. It’s also well ventilated and soundproofed, keeping noise levels to an absolute minimum.


Live closer to the elements and enjoy the freedom Unique To Owning A Semi-Custom Yacht. 


One aspect of choosing a boat builder willing to design and build a semi-custom yacht is that you get to do things that would cost a fortune to add to a production vessel. 

Harnessing the power of the sun to power your yacht is fast becoming a must-have among boat builders and yacht owners.

There are plenty of benefits to adding solar power to your semi-custom yacht.

Yachts boosted by solar power are increasingly in demand these days to reduce your carbon emissions and impact on the environment while sailing the globe and even increasing your energy efficiency with renewable energy solar power.

Solar power is free and virtually limitless, unlike fossil fuels that are increasingly costly and harmful to the environment. Fossil fuels also take up valuable space onboard.

Find out everything you need to know about solar installation on your custom yacht here

When you dream of getting away from the noise of city life on your custom yacht, do you picture a generator engine rumbling beneath you? Doubt it. Solar power isn’t completely silent, but it’s certainly quieter than conventional generators, making for a genuinely peaceful cruise for you and your passengers.

Solar power also reduces noise pollution that disturbs marine and birdlife. 

Solar panels on a custom yacht work the same way they do on the roof of a building. Installing solar power on your custom yacht doesn't have to be complicated. But we suggest contacting us. We can explain the benefits and limitations of installing solar panels on your vessel.



We can customise the Knysna 550 to be a cruising power catamaran, adding the thrill of speed to your cruising experience.



Finding the Perfect Yacht Finance Solution


Now that you’re positive that commissioning a boat builder to construct the custom yacht of your dreams is right for you. How will you finance such an undertaking? 

It can be tough to finance a semi-custom yacht over the 12-month long building process. It can, understandably, get very costly. Luckily, there are a few finance options available to you.


Rent-to-Purchase Agreement or Nautical Leasing Contract

Reputable boat builders will give you an option to finance your dream custom yacht through a ‘rent to purchase’ agreement. The boatbuilder allows you to ‘rent’ your custom yacht for an agreed-upon period, after which you can take complete ownership of the vessel.


Full Yacht Financing

If you're financing the purchase of your semi-custom yacht, you’ll be required to show proof of boat insurance. Yacht finance is available to anyone who can meet the necessary approval from a bank. However, it is only for production yachts or second-hand custom yachts. In other words, a vessel that is 100% completed.

Most banks and financial institutions won’t loan you money for a personalised, brand new semi-custom yacht that still has to be built. 

It can be exceptionally challenging to secure the necessary funding.

One option to financing your home on the high seas is exclusive to Knysna Yacht Company boat builders customers. Find out more here.


What You Need To Know About Protect Dream Custom Yacht 



Boat Insurance Advice From Renown Boat Builders

As we just discussed, after securing the financing and purchasing your custom yacht, it is a significant financial investment. You need to consider how best to protect your investment.

Natural disasters and accidents that damage your custom yacht or injury to you or your passengers are eventualities you need to consider. You’ll want to ensure that, in any event, both you and your boat are covered. 

If your custom yacht sinks, is stolen or damaged in a storm or a sailing mishap, it could cost you hundreds of thousands. Not having a yacht insurance policy in place could spell financial ruin.

Read our essential guide for all the important information you need to choose the right boat insurance for your yacht right here


Tips On Yacht Maintenance From The Experts

Covering your bases with boat insurance is an excellent start to caring for your dream custom yacht. As an owner and operator of your vessel, another key to ensuring years of safe cruising is following a strict maintenance routine.

It helps to plan your yacht maintenance routine daily, weekly, monthly, and annual. And if ever you are unsure about a specific component or problem, you should contact a professional boat builder. 


Daily Maintenance

There is a straightforward daily routine you can follow before raising the anchor.

  • Check engine oil levels
  • Check coolant and antifreeze levels
  • Ensure belt tension is correct
  • Inspect pulleys and check alignment
  • Check pump belts and alternator
  • Check transmission fluid levels


Weekly Maintenance

As part of maintaining your yacht, there are some essential checks you should carry out at least once a week or after being out to sea.

  • Wash and Clean Yacht
  • Clean and Check Your Yacht-Storage Facilities
  • Run Routine Inspections


Monthly Maintenance

You can learn how to perform monthly yacht maintenance yourself, but you should consult your boat builder when performing this more intensive maintenance on your custom yacht.

Systems Check

  • Inspect Electronics
  • Examine Sails
  • Clean Yacht Hull


Yearly Maintenance

Even doing daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance, you’ll still need to get your pride and job serviced once a year by a professional.


Annual Service

Having your yacht serviced annually by a professional will give you a service report to add to your yacht maintenance log. Something you’ll want well documented if you ever decide to sell your custom yacht.

Read more about yacht maintenance tasks with our top tips for daily, weekly, monthly and annual yacht maintenance here


Award-Winning Custom Yacht Builders





There is a lot to consider when you're thinking about finally taking the leap and investing in your dream custom yacht. 

Having a boat built is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make. Our team of expert boat builders will help you navigate the yacht-building process to make your journey to ultimate freedom is smooth sailing every step of the way.

​​We love only one thing more than hearing ocean explorers describe their dream yacht - Helping them make that dream a reality.

Are you ready to follow where your heart longs to go?

For more information about our yachts or any other queries, please contact us. Let the world’s finest yacht builders help you realise your sailing dream.

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