Buying a Yacht For Retirement

Buying a Yacht For Retirement

Knowing what to do when you retire is possibly the hardest but probably the most rewarding decision you’re likely to make in your lifetime. We’re here to help you decide why buying a yacht for your retirement is about the best idea there is.

Retirement is not only about money, it’s about real life and the journey you take. We’ve highlighted a couple of interesting tips to consider and reasons why to retire on a yacht.


Zero Boat Experience

If you’ve never had any sailing experience don’t let it put you off from the dream of owning your own yacht. Start now by taking group sailing lessons and read through everything there is to know about sailing. There is a lot of jargon to it, but once you know the terminology you’ll get a better grip on it. Get your skippers license and begin by chartering sailboats on calm waters. Starting off with chartering with a captain a few times, and then chartering on your own. All the time researching the type of sailboat you prefer and visiting boat shows where you can, whilst making a shortlist of your preferred yachts.

You may like to view our sailing catamaran range, we offer a sporty, sleek 50 ft yacht (Knysna 500SE) and a 55 ft yacht (Knysna 550), both yachts are fully equipped as a ‘liveaboard’ with practical fitted equipment to ensure this lifestyle. Our boutique yacht building gives you the ability to customize based on your requirements. We also offer a 2-week training window on your yacht upon delivery at no extra charge.

Living Aboard a Yacht is a Dream

Many believe living aboard a yacht is cramped and uncomfortable, but you would be surprised at the space inside with intelligently-planned layouts and fine-tuned ergonomics.

Let’s talk about the space. The Knysna 500SE is a 50 ft sailing catamaran and by no means cramped. The internal arrangement can either be a 3-cabin or 4-cabin set up and is fitted with plush carpeting or marine floorboards. The main suite is complete with bath or shower, TV, desk and vanity area with plenty of natural sunlight through glass windows. The saloon is equipped with a gas hob and oven, stainless steel microwave, double sink and generous cupboard space. The galley is the perfect entertainment area with wine rack, option for flatscreen TV and stereo. And if you’re worried about where you will get water from, our yachts come standard with a SCHENKER 100 lit/h watermaker.

Sailing Retirement Communities

You’re not alone, countless other people have decided to retire on a yacht. Yes, it’s a major lifestyle change but one that you won’t regret. There are many forums you can join to ask questions, read other adventures. This particular forum offers a wealth of information with very helpful members – Don’t be afraid to ask! A few other forums:

Fractional/Shared Ownership

If your budget doesn’t allow for outright ownership, many boat builders including the Knysna Yacht Company, offer shared ownership options. There are many benefits to this from lower operating costs as these become shared, to spreading your investment across multiple assets.  Plus according to BUC’s Used Boat Price Guide, yachts can retain up to 80% of their capital value making this a tangible option for investing and resale value.

You may like to read a few of our client testimonials here.

Yachts As A Tax Deduction

If you’re still employed and planning on retiring only in a few years time and you want to look at purchasing a yacht before you retire. There is a completely legitimate way if you’re located in the US, to reduce the cost of owning a yacht by structuring ownership in a way that allows you to write-off the purchase price of your yacht and to deduct most of the ownership expenses (insurance, slip fee, maintenance) against your employment income. It’s part of Section 179 of the Tax Code where you place the yacht in charter. The benefit of this option is that not only do you benefit from tax reductions but you can also in the interim earn income from chartering. There are many local charter companies who provide a service to manage this on your behalf. You can learn more about Section 179 here.

The Knysna 550 is perfectly suited for chartering purposes. It’s the latest addition to our line of luxury performance cruising catamarans, a 55ft sailing catamaran.  With the addition of a flybridge on this new model it allows for superior views of the yacht below and the configuration leaves the rest of the yacht free to accommodate a multitude of layouts to meet your charter requirements. From the flybridge helms position with no winch handles in sight all the captain will be challenged with is leaning across and pressing the occasional button. The Knysna 550 will allow you to experience the thrill of high-performance sailing in an entirely new level of luxury and comfort.

You should speak to your local tax advisors on relevant tax relief options where you are located.

To give you a little inspiration, take a look at the video below of a walk-through a Knysna 500SE:


Yacht out in the open

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