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Is it Better to Buy a New or Used Sail Catamaran

Buying New VS Used Sailing Catamaran's 

There is always a debate on whether to buy a new or used sailing catamaran and what the best option is at the end of the day.

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When buying a catamaran, there are many aspects you have to take into account since it is such an important and valuable purchase, it is important to overlook every factor and make sure that your decision is the best one you could have possibly made. With that being said, the best decision is the one that is going to cost you less money, less stress, and more time on the water.  You get the choice of the design, layout, features and gear.

There are many advantages of buying a new catamaran compared to buying a used one.

What To Look At When Buying A Sailing Catamaran

The first thing to consider is the engineering. The engineering that goes into a new yacht ensures a faster, stronger and lighter hull. New engines use less fuel and are quieter. If you are concerned about the environmental side of things, newly manufactured engines are more environmentally friendly too. Mechanical and electrical systems are safer, newer and more efficient than older yachts. Overall, there is MUCH less maintenance in the first five years at least.

New Sailing Catamaran Benefits

When ordering a new sailing catamaran, you get to, for the most part, customize the layout, colours, interior and optional extras to make it exactly the yacht you want. After all, if you do decide to invest in a catamaran, it only makes sense to ensure that your yacht suits all your needs and is exactly what you want, the perfect yacht for you. All in all, you don’t have to adapt to somebody else’s desires.

At the Knysna Yacht Company we offer a boutique customised yacht building approach, our clients get to choose preferences when it comes to interior decor, additional features and so much more. The Knysna 500SE is a 50-foot sailing catamaran and the Knysna 550 is our larger sailing catamaran at 55-foot.

Another important aspect to consider is that with new gear comes warranty. Buying a used yacht means that it comes with old gear which has a finite life. Warranty should be a key part of any huge purchase. When managing a warranty process, the yacht dealership will usually maintain a relationship with you for many years to come.  It’s a good idea to look somewhere else if this is not the case in the dealership you are dealing with.

At the Knysna Yacht Company we have successfully launched over 45 yachts, we use only quality components with standard warranty assurances. We provide our clients with after-sales support for yacht maintenance and annual certificates.

Used Sailing Catamaran Cons: 

Buying a used sailing catamaran usually means that you inherit the previous owner’s problems. Although there may not seem to be many problems at first, there can often be hidden issues with the structure, engine, gear or anything else. Even if everything is more or less intact, you will be replacing things much sooner than you would on a new vessel. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! You don’t want to be spending more money fixing your catamaran than you paid for it. Beware of the “fixer-upper”!

At the end of the day, you need to be getting your money’s worth, and buying a new yacht will ensure that you will have more time on the water, without worrying about fixing anything, and just using it for the reason you bought it: to relax and have fun!

Please speak to us directly if you are interested in learning more about Knysna yachts. View our 50-foot Knysna 500SE and our 55-foot Knysna 550.

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