The Knysna 500SE Catamaran

Exclusive Preview of The Knysna 500SE Catamaran

We are extremely pleased to share a very exclusive preview of the Knysna 500SE catamaran. New branding! New logo! And loads more on the horizon from the boutique yacht builders in South-Africa.

The Knysna 500SE is a sporty, sleek 50-foot yacht with an arresting profile, presented in a total package of brilliant finishes, ultimate comfort, luxury and performance. The yacht is fully equipped as a ‘live aboard’ with practical fitted equipment to ensure this lifestyle. Limiting our production to a maximum of 4 yachts per year ensures the highest attention to detail can be achieved.

One of the advances of producing semi-custom yachts is the opportunity to create the perfect yacht from the abundance of ideas from our clients. Involving the client, the Knysna Yacht Company team spend the time in getting to understand the taste, needs and preferences of the new owner – the result? Each Knysna Yacht has its own identity.

Knysna 500SE interior

Knysna 500SE living area

Knysna 500SE seating

Knysna 500SE outdoor seating

Knysna 500SE bedroom

Knysna 500SE captains quarter

Now, the Knysna 500SE offers more space in the cockpit and diving platform. This is sure to be a party boat of note. Complete with cockpit icemaker, cooler box, ventilation hatches, solid coach roof for protection against elements, canopy at helms position, electric winches for short handed sailing, storage lockers for fish rods, diving cylinders, dedicated (and easy reaching) area for the life raft.

The Knysna 500SE is a world-class yacht offering the benchmark in catamaran standards and boutique customization, and is sure to appeal to multi-hull enthusiasts and adventurous blue water cruising yachtsman worldwide.

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