Transporting a yacht

From Boatyard To Water

It’s not every day you see a 50-foot sailing catamaran on the road. But each time we launch a new boat into the water we get to plan and coordinate this special day. The locals in Knysna, South Africa also get to enjoy a pretty impressive show with driving skills most would aspire to and hair-raising moments with traffic lights.

The Knysna Yacht Company build boutique sailing yachts, our customization approach allows us to build a maximum of 4 yachts per year. This gives our clients the boutique experience many other boat manufacturers do not offer. Typically it takes 9 months from agreement to launching into the water, depending on the additional customization requirements requested by our clients.

yacht next to traffic lights

The transportation of a yacht from our boatyard to the Knysna Waterfront where we launch starts at approximately 4:30 am in the morning. Accompanied by traffic patrol to ensure necessary road closures and forward warning the entire process can take up to 3 hours for approximately 6.7 km. It’s no easy feat. But with experienced hands-on ‘deck’ and meticulous planning and driving we have successfully transported over 45 yachts safely, and without damage, to the water.

We decided to record our latest yacht Knysna 500SE launch SV-Private Island for you to enjoy!

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Boatyard to water

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