Stand fast yacht launch

Latest Launched Knysna 500SE, SV-StandFast, Custom Interior

We recently launched another custom-built 50-foot sailing catamaran, a Knysna 500SE – SV-Stand Fast. Each and every yacht that leaves our boatyard is uniquely customised based on the new owners’ preferences.

This particular Knysna 500SE, SV-Stand Fast has a sophisticated, modern and sleek interior design finishing. The owner selected a contemporary look and feel, which has lent itself well to a greater sense of space and elegance.

This is what truly makes our yacht building experience unique, our customers get a choice of custom finishing options based upon their desires.

Yacht Stand Fast captains chair

SV-Stand Fast will set sail from Knysna to Cape Town for commissioning and from there will begin her voyage of adventures.

If you would like to learn more or enquire details about pricing please contact us.

Sailing on beautiful blue water

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