It’s been said that money screams and wealth whispers.

Looking at some of the sleekly innovative and beautifully designed luxury superyachts that have recently set sail on our planet’s oceans, this statement certainly seems to ring true.

Smooth curves, organic lines and nautically inspired interiors laden with natural finishes of understated opulence all seem to have been incorporated in these stunningly designed and expertly crafted luxury yachts.

Join us as we take a closer look at three incredible luxury superyachts you have to see with your own eyes to believe.




"Most holidays are by the seashore and, as a ritual, during walks we find ourselves looking at the horizon and picking up pebbles and shells from the beach… occasionally there is this one pebble with lines and smooth surfaces to which we connect, and we slip it into our pocket – we look at it again another time, touch it, play with it…"

Pieter Van Geest, Van Geest Designs


If sleek lines and an organic aesthetic that blends in beautifully with its environment is what you’re after (a place to land your helicopter safely will be an added bonus), the 140-metre motor yacht concept, Pebble, might just tick all your yacht-of-my-dreams boxes.

The brainchild of Amsterdam-based design firm Van Geest Design, Pebble’s alluring lines and curves have been described as resembling “a pebble that has been modelled with time, shaped with water and wind… sculpted by nature over decades.”

Years ago, Pieter Van Geest (who runs Van Geest Design with his business partner Tracey Canavaggio) picked up a smooth, beautifully shaped pebble on England's southern coast. A few years later, this time in an Indonesian riverbed, Van Geest spotted a similar, smooth stone. These two pebbles birthed the Pebble yacht concept, ultimately resulting in this breathtaking superyacht.

It's no coincidence that this incredible vessel blends so well with her nautical backdrop, looking very much part of its surroundings, sailing on the open seas. “Pebble seamlessly fits in with its ocean environment – water and the wind defines its shapes,” says Van Geest.

With its smooth, rounded lines and curves, the stunning luxury yacht has been deliberately designed to stand (or should that be “float”?) apart from the mainly cubist and geometric designs which characterise most yachts. According to Van Geest, Pebble is “the escape from our city landscapes, skyscrapers and cubist shapes we encounter in daily life.”

The Pebble superyacht design proposal serves as a starting point for discussions with interested clients. Should a purchase be made, owners will be able to personalise their vessel, working with the design team to create the luxury superyacht of their dreams.

"Pebble encapsulates you in an atmosphere of lightness, a smooth, elegant presence in its surroundings," Van Geest concludes.

What will be the price tag on a superyacht such as Pebble, one of the biggest yachts in the world?

No selling price for Pebble has been published yet, but the final cost will be determined by your selection of customised features and interior trims and finishes.

However, it is safe to assume that you will have to be a dollar billionaire – at the very least – before you can make this beauty yours forever.


- Closed transom to ensure invitation-only boarding
- Five decks with large fore and aft overhangs for maximum guest privacy
- Multiple swimming pools and jacuzzi
- Transom beach club and side-opening beach club
- Dedicated helicopter deck for exclusive access
- Studio-designed alfresco deck furniture 




When it comes to luxury superyachts, bigger does not necessarily mean better, and Custom Line Navetta 30 perfectly illustrates this point.

This streamlined, sporty luxury superyacht with its classic feel and elegant, flowing lines measures 28.43 metres and was designed by Filippo Salvetti. Its interior design scheme was dreamed up by the prestigious Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel architecture firm.

Custom Line Navetta 30’s interior style is defined by its traditional, maritime theme, but with a modern twist.

This gorgeous yacht’s nautical look and feel come across most strongly in its colour palette of blues, which runs through the Navetta 30 in its entirety. Says interior designer Patricia Viel "with our choice of blues, we aimed to create a continuity between the interior and the exterior, allowing you to feel the ocean in every detail and space of the boat.”

Navetta 30’s allure lies in its detail, showing in carbon detailing, accents of quartz fibre and fibreglass surfaces throughout the vessel. Complementing the innovative materials are the rounded lines and curves of the vessel’s interior spaces, window frames and furniture, combined with natural materials like solid wood, teak and leather. “Every detail on this yacht speaks of the sea,” states Viel.

Custom designed by Antonio Citterio, the yacht interior's furniture pieces are among its most striking features. Characterised by smooth lines and balanced volumes, Navetta 30’s furniture was crafted from solid and multi-layered wood, as well as natural leather.
"We're not just aiming to create luxurious floating homes – a boat is a boat, and its context is the sea, which asks for openness and continuity between interior and exterior," says Viel.

"The stylistic features of Navetta 30's interiors inspire you to dress in a simpler way, to walk barefoot and live a more informal life."

This philosophy will resonate with many yacht owners, especially as they begin to spend more time onboard, looking for more relaxed ways of travelling in the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Creating an open design was very important for Viel and her team of designers, as this will leave room for allowing each owner to customise their boat’s interiors to their taste and preferences.

"The design is modern yet intimate," says Viel. "Flexibility permeates every aspect of the interior; one can simply move the furniture and use it in various ways. How you choose to arrange the furniture really depends on the moment – the boat does not dictate what you have to do. This really sets Navetta 30 apart, making it adaptable to any owner."

The Navetta 30’s selling price starts at €8.9 million, with the option of adding custom features at an additional cost.


- Three decks (allowed for by the Navetta 30’s wide-body configuration)
- Large hull windows and 2-metre plus deck headroom
- Ample areas at both stern and bow, allowing for panoramic, open vistas
- VIP cabins on main and lower decks; large upper-deck lunch area and large sundeck
- Category CE, Class-A design, featuring low consumption with best-in-segment performance
- Stabilising fins and optional sea keepers for exceptional comfort while at anchor
- Unrivalled soundproofing and floating floor to reduce engine noise and mute footsteps in guest areas




After a 4-year construction period, 142-metre motor superyacht Nord, one of the biggest yachts in the world, departed Germany on her maiden voyage in February 2021 to be handed over to her owner.

The quality, care, and attention to detail that went into making this feature-rich luxury yacht are unrivalled, resulting in a vessel packed with high-end amenities that will make for an unforgettable cruising experience.

Nord’s amenities include two helicopter landing decks; a sports and diving centre; spa; sauna; beauty salon; a fleet of 14 custom tenders (measuring up to 15 metres), a submarine and an ROV (unoccupied, remotely operated underwater robot vehicle).

Constructed by shipbuilder Lürssen, with build management by Moran Yacht & Ship, both the exterior and interior of this breathtaking superyacht have been designed by Italian design studio Nuvolari Lenard.

Constructed from steel and aluminium to PYC standards, with accommodation for 36 guests in 20 staterooms, Nord has also been custom-fitted with zero-speed stabilisers. These stabilisers work at anchor, increasing onboard comfort when the boat is stationary, especially when seas are rough.

Nord’s owner, Russian billionaire businessman Alexei Mordashov, is said to have paid an estimated US$ 500 million for this remarkable superyacht.


- 10,000 gross tonnage (GT) steel and aluminium construction
- 6 decks and 20 cabins, accommodating up to 36 guests
- Zero-speed stabilisers
- 2 helicopter decks with fold-down side platforms and retractable hangar
- Sports & diving centre and oversized swimming pool
- A fleet of 14 custom tenders, including two modified Windy SR52 Blackbirds
- Submarine and unmanned ROV for underwater exploration
- Gym; elevator; movie theatre; tender garage; air conditioning and underwater lights
- BBQ area; beach club; spa room; sauna; beauty salon and outdoor bar

While these beautiful luxury superyachts may not be within everyone’s financial reach, they are most definitely everyone’s to behold and admire.

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into some of the world’s most amazing luxury superyachts!



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