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7 Reasons why you should sail around the world

You’ve dreamed of having the time to travel the world. You’ve lapped up stories, read travel blogs and come up with your bucket list of places to see. And now, finally, you have the time to go. But have you contemplated how you are going to travel? More importantly, have you considered sailing around the world? 

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, travel as we know it has changed. Experts predict that when international travel resumes, it will be very different from before. Jumping on a plane and jetting off to your dream destination will no longer be as simple. The future of travel will focus on health and safety. Expect longer queues as health officials screen every passenger. Social distancing, masks, and health passports will be part of the travel experience. Flights will become more expensive as demand changes. There’ll be increased red tape when making reservations, and last-minute cancellations are going to be the norm. Sound like fun?

We don’t think so. So why not sail around the world instead?


Here are even more reasons to sail around the world

 1. Travel at your own pace

How does this sound: stuck in a traffic jam and panicking you’re going to miss your flight, or deciding you like the island you've discovered, so you're staying another week? Sailing is the most relaxed way to travel. You choose your schedule and the pace you want to go. The only constraints you have is the weather.  And since your accommodation is paid for already, the faster or slower you decide to go won’t change your costs.

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2. Visit remote places impossible to reach via plane

Sailing offers a world of adventure unavailable on a planned itinerary via plane. In a yacht, you can visit remote places that can't be accessed by planes. There exist hundreds of locations around the world that can only be visited by those with a sailing boat, thousands of miles from the nearest airport. Aboard a yacht, you are free to explore and find new and fascinating places and experience the real adventure of sailing.

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3. Make lasting and memorable friendships

It’s easier to make friends with other sailors at a new anchorage than the overweight passenger next to you taking up your elbow room in economy class! In the sailing world, everyone has an exciting tale to tell. Sailing around the world is the perfect set up to meet a wide variety of individuals along your way. Comparing weather notes, recommending newly discovered places or general boat talk, ensures a never-ending conversation with recently met fellow sailors. And chances are the friends you meet today are likely to show up again along your journey as boats generally follow the same routes and trade winds.

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4. Experience the vastness of the world

Compare this: stuck in the aisle seat, breathing the same stuffy air aboard an aeroplane for ten hours with the wide-open space of sea and sky just beyond your reach as you head towards your next destination. Sailing takes you out into the elements where you truly experience the vastness of the world. While not seeing another person for weeks can be food for the soul, so is the lack of light pollution which allows you to see the Milky Way in all its glory.

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5. Live with nature 

Nothing gets you closer to nature than using the elements to travel. The ocean is teeming with life, and there’s no better way to experience it than being on a sailing boat. Spend hours watching the dolphins race your bow, snorkel over unspoilt reefs and swim with manta rays. These are experiences that will stay with you for life.

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6. Sailing keeps you mentally fit

Unlike listening to the air hostess going through the safety drill for the hundredth time, sailing keeps your mind active. With sailing, you never stop learning. Firstly, it’s essential to learn the basics of sailing and understand navigation and boat safety to undergo a long-haul boat passage. But once you have these skills, the learning doesn’t stop. No matter how long you’ve been sailing, there are always new scenarios and challenges to overcome that keep you alert and mentally on your toes. Apart from sailing skills, there are also many other things to learn, like, engine maintenance, knotwork and electrical systems. And don’t forget about the new places, cultures and languages you’ll learn along the way. 

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7. No baggage restrictions

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like squeezing all you need for a few months in one or two suitcases, then travelling by sailboat is for you. When you board your yacht, there is no one weighing and checking your baggage. You are free to bring a whole wardrobe along if you like. And not just that, you can bring along your favourite books, your camera, your diving equipment and even your surfboard. No one's stopping you because your boat is your home, and wherever you go, it goes too.

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Convinced yet?

If you’re still not sure whether yacht travel is for you, contact us at Knysna Yacht Company. We’ll discuss your options and introduce you to our luxury semi-custom build catamarans - Book an appointment today.

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