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Create your dream retirement plan: travel the world in luxury on your own yacht

5 reasons why choosing a luxury world travel trip on your own yacht will be the best decision you ever made

The kids have finally moved out, your mortgage is paid off, and you've recently retired from your lifelong career. Now what? You've dreamt of travelling and seeing parts of the world that you never had time to visit before. But what's the best way to travel in your retirement years? While some may enjoy backpacking and don't mind long hours in airports, we've got a better option for you. Have you considered seeing the world on your own luxury yacht?

Your first reaction might be, “But, I can't sail a yacht around the world. I don't have enough experience, and I'm getting too old.” Think again. Travelling by sea doesn't have to be reserved for tough, experienced sailors. Today it's possible to travel in the luxury and comfort you're accustomed to on your very own yacht. Designed to make sailing easy, our luxury yachts are accessible to anyone who’s inner voyager is waiting to be unleashed. 

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Reinvent yourself. Travel the world by yacht over 60

Studies show that living a meaningful life lessens the effects of aging. Research has also found that people with a sense of purpose and direction outlive their peers. What better reason to break out of your comfort zone and commit to adventure? Life begins at 60, as they say.

Sailing is not an uncommon vocation for many in their golden years, only beginning to learn to sail in their 50s, 60s and even 70s. Others have navigated the high seas well into their 80s and 90s. The beauty of sailing is it keeps you fit, agile and mentally sharp. If you’re able and in good shape, then your age needn’t play a role in your decision to sail around the world. Although your overall health is an important factor, you can decide what risks are acceptable or not.


Five reasons you should take a luxury trip around the world on your own yacht

1. Learn something new: Mastering a new skill is one of the very things that keep us young and lively. One of your greatest achievements could be learning to skipper a yacht.  And the beauty of it is, you are never too old to learn.

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2. Flexibility: Sailing gives you complete freedom. When you travel on a yacht, you are no longer confined to predetermined itineraries, times and extra costs.  Apart from the weather, the choice of travel time, arrival and departure dates are entirely up to you. If you want to stay longer, you can. Leave earlier? No problem. Feel like going ashore to discover a local market or grab a bite at a restaurant? Or would you prefer a quiet day of solitude, away from crowds, enjoying the sanctity of a newly discovered cove? The choice is yours.

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3. Unique experiences: As long as you are sailing, you will never have the same experience twice. Nor will one day be exactly like another. Every trip is a new adventure and a chance to discover fresh and unexplored places, people and cultures. No other type of travel allows you to be the master of your destiny. When you sail, you get to sleep in the same bed and wake up to new horizons whenever you choose, without ever packing a bag!

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4. Time: Sailing offers the ideal opportunity to share quality time with family and friends, creating unforgettable memories. But it is also the perfect way to relax, unwind and catch up on some me-time. What can be better food for the soul than sitting on the bow watching dolphins race your boat, or simply witnessing the sun sink into the horizon in serene silence and tranquillity? But the best thing of all is the privacy that sailing gives you. In a crowded hotel, you rarely find a place where you and your family can have complete privacy. On your own yacht, you can choose to sunbathe on deck, sleep under the stars or find a secluded beach to picnic.

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5. It's affordable: Traditionally we think of globetrotting as expensive when we consider flights, rental cars and hotel rates. But sailing puts your travel budget into a whole new category. Wherever you go, your home goes too. Now you can choose if you want to eat out or stay aboard for supper. Do you feel like experiencing the nightclubs and restaurants at your new destination, or enjoying a quiet sundowner on deck? And what about deciding to stay an extra night, at no extra cost?

At Knysna Yacht Company, we want to unleash the voyager in you and awaken your spirit of adventure. We want to help you realise that there is so much to do and see out in the world, and we only have one life in which to do it. We aim to create the perfect platform to do this.

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